What is Cordioprev

Cordioprev is an interventional study where 1004 patients who have suffered an episode of ischemia will follow a voluntary prevention program to avoid new events of the disease. The participants will follow two randomized heart-healthy diets. About half of the patients will receive a fat low diet whose composition is recognized as a very useful model by the main agencies and societies of the field.

Besides, the other half of the patients included in this study will follow the mediterranean diet with a major calorie input of fat, which also stands as an alternative to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The development of this clinical trial would not be possible without the invaluable collaboration of the patients, their families, the different entities financing the study and all the professionalls who work in the project. The study started in November 2009 and its estimated length will be 5 years. The results will validate whether both of the diets are healthy models based on their ability to reduce and normalize the main risk factors as well as the mechanisms involved in atherosclerosis and the risk of heart disease.

Therefore, Cordioprev is a study of secondary prevention, randomized, with a parallel design and unique, given the fact that the potential of both diets has never been evaluated in a comparative analysis.

We are 1002 participants